Braving Your Way Through Life’s Transitions

Live in greater alignment with your deepest values, listen to your inner wisdom, and reconnect who you are with what you do. Guided by core principles and practices—including the belief that everyone has an inner teacher or an inner source of truth—you engage contemplative practices to support personal and societal development.

Take time to reflect individually and in small groups about issues of transition, vocation, passion, life purpose, and underlying life patterns. Share stories, laughter, music, and video and gain insights from journaling, poetry, and wisdom traditions.

The capstone of the retreat is a version of the Quaker process of spiritual discernment—called the Clearness Committee—to support your transition through difficult choices and dilemmas.

As you connect who you are with what you do, you touch the seeds of transformation already planted in your life. Joining with others in this retreat invites movement toward greater self-awareness, greater wholeness, and greater justice and social equity in society.

This retreat attends to your body and soul, providing a safe and sheltered space to slow down and nurture personal and professional integrity and the courage to lean into wise action.



Sep 22 - 27 2024


All Day

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