Clearness Committees: Spiritual Discernment in Community for Personal and Social Transformation

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A retreat for deepening skills and spiritual practice with Valerie Brown and John Baird.

$540/private room; $490/shared room; $395/commuter.

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Are you seeking clarity about life transitions, purpose, direction, or meaning, and how to offer your most authentic gifts into the world? Are you facing uncertain or complex choices and wanting to listen to the depths of your own inner wisdom within a caring community? Are you looking to engage in deep, soulful listening that supports connection with the Living Spirit?

The journey toward reinventing and transforming limiting beliefs takes courage, self-awareness, a growth mindset, a vision of a just and equitable society, a supportive, caring community, and more. The Quaker Clearness Committee is a unique process of individual and communal spiritual discernment that can support you in this journey. Discover a vision of your life re-imagined and hear the call of your inspired, actionable dreams. In this retreat, you will learn an energized version of the Clearness Committee based on the work of Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage


Mar 22 - 24 2024


All Day

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Pendle Hill
338 Plush Mill Rd., Wallingford, PA 19086