Mindfulness Retreat for Educators

This retreat will help participants cultivate their own personal mindfulness practice and develop the language and skills needed to bring the practice back to the communities they serve. They will also learn effective methods to enhance focus, attention, kindness, and emotional well-being inside and outside the classroom.

What you will learn…

Practices during the retreat will include:

Sitting Meditation

Mindful Eating

Walking Meditation

Deep Relaxation

Circle Sharing

Loving speech & deep listening

Beginning anew (conflict resolution)

Stopping, Pausing, and Looking Deeply

Bells of Mindfulness in Daily Life

The retreat includes:

Workshops for sharing mindfulness practice with youth

Ways to support youth of diverse backgrounds and different privilege

How to support mindfulness practice among co-workers and school staff

Our Venue:

Since 2009 Morning Sun has been developing a Mindfulness Center and Residential Community on East Alstead, NH. Set in rustic beauty, the Center offers programs for people of all ages, including families and young adults, exploring how to bring the practice of mindful and sustainable living into the world.

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Jun 26 2019


All Day

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Morning Sun Mindfulness Community
655 Gilsum Mine Rd, Alstead, NH 03602