PRIVATE EVENT: MacArthur Foundation: Visioning: Taking Back Your Time and Your Life, a Lunch & Learn Series

Creating and sustaining a vision for the life you want and deserve requires support, motivation, and engagement.  Join Valerie Brown, writer, Buddhist-Quaker Dharma Teacher, facilitator, and leadership coach, in a four-part series where you will:

·       Engage visioning continuously through 2024 through four Lunch & Learn Sessions to support greater resilience, mindfulness, and wellbeing followed by curated small group learning pods; 

·       Create and sustain personal goals to take back your time and your life;

·       Cultivate a ‘felt sense’ of belonging, understanding, and connection among participants that translates into greater collaboration and cooperation;

·       Learn cutting-edge mindfulness research on stress management, longevity, and wellbeing to support your personal and professional goals; and

·       Obtain practical, actionable skills to create the life you deserve and want.

After each session, Lunch & Learn Session, P & C will host optional small group learning pods where you can support, encourage, and find accountability with colleagues in your visioning goals and reinforce learning. Though not required, these learning pods are highly encouraged to support you as you engage your personal vision throughout the calendar year.


Nov 07 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm